Kwesta has us on a Quest


By: Aaliyah Aboobaker

The third album released by hip-hop artist Kwesta has put a groove in the step of many South Africans. It’s playing in bakkies and skorro-skorros and flowing through the earphones of kids on the way to school. DaKAR II plays on many emotions while maintaining the fresh South African beat. One thing is for sure, Kwesta had us on a quest to download the rest of the album immediately!

Senzo Mfundo Vilikazi, or Kwesta as we know him, was a poet since his days in high school. He then dropped out at 16 to pursue a career in music. Perhaps it was this enthusiasm and appreciation for the power of words and music that catapulted him to fame locally. Initially unsuccessful in the group The Juvenylz, his first gig with Buttabing Entertainment sent him on his way to a solid career in rapping and performance.

This album made him an idol for many South Africans because of the real-life stories and relatable lyrics in both the singing and rap. The music videos feature urban and township scenes from areas in South Africa, which only makes us fall all the more in love. Thank you, Kwesta, for not copying the Hollywood fads in your music videos. We don’t need any more Miami when we are Mzansi.

The collaborations on some songs with the hottest artists of 2017, such as Cassper Nyovest, AKA and KidX make both discs in the two-part album a talking point. Indeed, you’ve probably heard people in Checkers and at school humming the strains of Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe featuring Thabsie more than once. The music transcends colour and age and just brings out the music lover in us.

Throughout the album, Kwesta manages to fuse traditional with contemporary and tug at one’s heartstrings in a way that makes one hit ‘repeat’ on our music players. So far, I haven’t become annoyed with the constant strains of Day One, Lights and Karma as is so common when listening to songs over and over again – a fact which has perhaps impressed me the most. True to his original style, one hears the pattern of soulful music mixed with trendy infusions as heard in his first album, Special Rekwest.

Maybe his music isn’t for everybody, but from what I’ve seen (and heard), Kwesta is a force to be reckoned with and his competition should keep a sharp eye on his growing record sales. From one happy South African, thank you Kwesta!


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